This option involves the possibility to back up customer’s most relevant data to Inasset’s Data Center via Internet. Extremely easy to set up, our back up system guarantees high security for data transfers and storage. Moreover, our software features advanced functions such as data deduplication, structured retention policies and easy and safe data restore procedure. The entire back up process is performed on data network, with no need for tape storage devices.

Customer’s data are transferred to the Data Center by using high security encrypted channels to guarantee their integrity. Highly refined technologies are implemented to save as much bandwidth possible during transfers. InRecovery.backup service features the possibility to plan daily, weekly and monthly backups and to keep different versions simultaneously.

Backup tasks can be planned and activated even during normal utilization of applications, with no impact or slow-downs on user side. This service can be activated on servers, desktop workstations or laptops. Data recovery is made easy by a reliable and user friendly web interface. In addition, this interface displays backup processes in real time, with related date and time. Companies with layered and densely organized structures have the possibility to take advantage of an additional advanced tool for central backup management, equipped with detailed reporting tools for situations with a high number of servers and clients running backup services, even on different locations.