This option gives the possibility to use a private virtual infrastructure with dedicated resources. By choosing this service, customers can activate an unlimited number of virtual servers and manage them in complete freedom, in compliance with available resources. In addition, customers can also configure and manage virtual switches and firewall services. Take advantage of the VMware vCloud portal in order to manage in complete freedom your virtual server infrastructure.



  • Windows and Linux servers.
  • Powered by market leader technology VMware Enterprise Plus.
  • Technology and VMware vCloud.
  • Total control on servers, templates, private networks, firewall, load-balancers and vApps from dedicated web panels.
  • High availability and reliability levels.
  • Network Isolation and VPN service.
  • VM import/export feature.
  • Configure your servers with any processor, RAM or disk specification.
  • Create catalogs with your own services, vApps, VMs and ISO images.