Inasset is one of the biggest telecommunications providers in north-eastern part of Italy. Inasset’s Data Center represents one of the most important interconnection nodes in Italy for national and international optical fiber networks.

Covering an area of 1.800 square meters, Inasset’s Data Center is hosting devices from 11 different carriers, representing one of the most advanced structures when related to infrastructure level, security systems and overall reliability.

Inasset’s Data Center has TIER III rating. Inasset is ISO 27001 certified, therefore fully compliant with all requirements concerning information security and ISO 20000 certification. Inasset offers a wide variety of services connected with cloud technologies like: public, private and hybrid cloud, housing, hosting, virtual servers, e-mail, remote backup, disaster recovery, storage on demand and Web TV platforms. The most prominent features defining Inasset’s staff are their great set of technical and project management skills, together with a very reactive help-desk service and an overall very high professional level. In addition, an extremely advanced monitoring platform helps keeping the whole structure under control, querying both facilities and IT structures more than 100.000 times per minute.