Data Center

Technical features

Perfectly customized solution for every company or Internet provider searching for an external data center structure offering the ultimate combination in terms of reliability, bandwidth availability, devices, servers, applications and security systems.
Data Center Total Area

  • 1800 square meters

Server farm area (available surface)

  • Suite 1: 190 square meters
  • Suite 2: 210 square meters
  • Suite 3: 265 square meters

Physical security

  • Security, surveillance, alarm and anti-intrusion systems.
  • Multi-level armor plates from outer walls to single suites.
  • Video surveillance system covering external areas, suites and additional rooms.
  • Building Control advanced system.

Main Power System

  • Double separate power lines for all devices.
  • Double separate power lines for all cabinets.
  • 2 transformers, 850KWh each.
  • 2 power rooms, 4 redundant UPS systems, 160KWh each.
  • 2 STS (Static Transfer Switches) between the two power lines.

Emergency Power System

  • 3 redundant diesel Volvo Penta electric generators, 850KVA each, totaling 2.5 MWh.
  • 20.000 liter Diesel fuel tank


  • Redundant raised floor air-conditioning system for direct flow.
  • Free-Cooling system for energy saving.

Fire prevention

  • Three-level fire detection and extinguishing system using Argon inert gas installed in: rooms, false ceiling and raised floor.
  • All dividing walls and all doors within the Data Center are certified REI 180.


  • 24/7 technological systems monitoring
  • 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Help-desk during working hours and availability services during non-working hours
  • High quality Service Level Agreement
  • Professional services
  • Advanced reporting system
  • Tier III Compliant