By choosing this innovative service offered by Inasset, companies have the possibility to take advantage of big size high availability disks, with very limited costs. Consisting in a distributed storage architecture, entirely developed and managed by Inasset, this technology is offered to customers with so called “as service” mode, with no need for them to buy dedicated software or hardware devices. Each single customer receives a completely dedicated resource with required disk space.

  • Possibility to remotely connect with the dedicated storage area via Web, VPN or MPLS
  • Remote access with standard protocols such as iSCSI, NFS or CIFS.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • High availability, thanks to data replication in two or more different infrastructures placed in different rooms.
  • Possibility to geo-replicate data in a secondary Data Center.
  • Extremely high scalability level, delivering very fast results up to several PetaBytes.
  • Customer’s data are transferred to the Data Center by using high security encrypted channels to guarantee their integrity.
  • Possibility to restrict access to the storage area to a previously defined single IP.